In Cart Upsell Autopilot - Automate Your Upsell

In Cart Upsell Autopilot - Automate Your Upsell

Personalization is Key to Growth

Personalization on site is more valuable to a customer than it's ever been, and in turn, can be a huge boost in overall conversions to existing site visitors. Your customers want to know that you are catering to them at every step of the sales funnel as they are running around your store. It's almost like a salesperson being their white-glove service attendant popping in at exactly the right moment when a recommendation is needed to complement their interests.

Cross-Selling on Shopify Stores

Remember the time you went to the store and purchased a pair of pants and the salesperson offered you socks to match your existing purchase? Or that time that you were buying lip liner and the sales representative offered a lip gloss to go with it? Or maybe that time you were at the checkout line and it zig-zagged around with a bunch of low-cost items you could easily grab and add to your cart at the last minute before checking out?

All of those cross-selling opportunities like recommendations based on what you are viewing in specific collections, frequently bought together bundles, and add-ons to complement existing items already in the shopping cart ready for purchase are available to your customers through cross-selling and upselling apps like In Cart Upsell.

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Why In Cart Upsell for Shopify?

In Cart Upsell makes it easy for customers to buy from your store because of the intelligent personalization that it offers your customers.

The In Cart Upsell Autopilot feature has been trusted by over 10,000 store owners over the past five years! With just a one-time click of a button, the Autopilot will analyze your entire sales data and intuitively select the best products to offer to your customers.

If you don't feel like setting up the Autopilot feature yourself, our support heroes will do it for you in less than 5 minutes for no additional cost!

What about data security?

Security is very important now more than ever, so In Cart Upsell only uses anonymized order data to power the app’s Autopilot suggestions, and any personal customer information isn't captured or stored whatsoever.


Autopilot can also be customized to match the aesthetic of your theme. An upsell should not stick out like a sore thumb and that's a core belief at In Cart Upsell & Cross-Sell. There are many layout and customization options to choose from to keep the brand equity consistent and seamless on your store.

Let the Autopilot feature take care of the heavy lifting for you while you reap the rewards. Take advantage of the power of In Cart Upsell free for 30 days!

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