Upselling The Right Way With In Cart Upsell

Chandler Olson
October 18, 2021
Upselling The Right Way With In Cart Upsell

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Where shoppers spend time on your site

Customers expect a lot more out of their shopping experiences on your eCommerce store than they ever have before. You want to surprise and delight them with every page, and every area of that page leading them down the purchase funnel.

Learn About Shopper Behavior

Utilizing AI-powered tools like Prompt Vibes AI allows you to simplify generating prompts and allows you to delve into your customers' preferences and behaviors. By analyzing data such as browsing patterns and engagement metrics, Prompt Vibes AI provides insights into what your buyers are truly looking for. This enables you to tailor your content and product offerings to better meet their needs, creating a more personalized and satisfying shopping experience.

How do I delight my customers and get them to buy more?

One of the most impactful ways to generate more opportunities for both your business and your customers is to place upsell offers anywhere on the product page, the cart page, or AJAX/Slider cart.

This should be done very seamlessly and without interrupting the shopping experience like pop-ups or any other distractions that might make them exit out of your store.

Why are these three locations ideal for upselling?

The answer is simple; these locations are where customers spend most of their time when shopping online. Customers are either looking at a product, checking what's inside their cart (AJAX/slider cart), or checking out. Now that you're aware of the ideal locations, let's dive into the ideal position to place your offer on the cart page, product page, and AJAX/slider cart.

Cart Page

Our data suggest that offers are accepted more when upsells are placed above the cart items. When a customer visits the cart page more than often they are ready to checkout their goods. This gives merchants one last opportunity to upsell or cross-sell. Additionally, you can increase the chances of the customer accepting the offer by giving the first impression by placing it at the top and customizing the upsell to look native to the theme.

In Cart Upsell Cart Page Example
In Cart Upsell Cart Page Example

Did you know: You can create upsell and cross sell offers easily without ever needing to tap a development resource with In Cart Upsell and Cross Sell for Shopify.

Gettting the most from your upsell
Getting the most from your upsell

Product Page

When it comes to the product page, you would ideally want to place your upsell just before or right after the Buy Now or Add To Cart button. This is to ensure that the offer is seen right before the customer makes their decision of purchasing. Also, the product page is where you want to be more specific with your upsell by adding conditional logic. Let's say your customer is viewing a T-shirt of a specific brand like Nike. You would then want to offer Nike shorts and not a Jordan or Adidas as an upsell. This saves the customer time when browsing around your website looking for additional shorts and also builds the sense that they are being catered for.

In Cart Upsell Cart Page Example

AJAX/Slider Cart

This is where you want to go crazy! Essentially, the AJAX/slider cart is for occasionally checking what's inside your cart and customers can access this cart anywhere through the website. Therefore, you can upsell and cross-sell pretty much everything. However, upselling and cross-selling low-cost add-ons work best. Now on to where to position the upsell. There are two ideal positions to place the upsell when it comes to the AJAX/slider cart and they are right above the cart items and also above the View Cart/ Checkout Button. This decision solely depends on your preference but can sometimes be influenced by the theme's design.

In Cart Upsell AJAx Cart Page Example
In Cart Upsell AJAx Cart Page Example

Now that you have the insight on how to position your upsell on all available locations, you can now get the most out of every promotion and dollar you spend to drive traffic to your Shopify store. Make just a few changes today on your store and watch your AOV increase.

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You can also check out our YouTube channel and watch a demonstration of how all offers are positioned: In Cart Upsell YouTube Channel